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HEATSCOPE catalogues and flyer

HEATSCOPE alle Infrarot Ambiente-Heizstrahler und Dunkelstrahler Übersicht Flyer

On the spot: alle HEATSCOPE infrared power heaters (Spot), ambient heaters (Vision) and dark heaters (Zero) at a glance with all important facts and advantages, installation situations and mounting heights.

HEATSCOPE Vision und Spot Katalog - alle Infrarot Ambiente-Heizstrahler mit reduziertem Licht

Detailed information about the infrared ambient heaters HEATSCOPE Vision and the power heaters Spot: in black and White, in three power versions and lengths, with reduced ambient light and ambient infrared heat, incl. the most important facts and advantages, installation situations, mounting heights and technical data.

HEATSCOPE VISION + SPOT project catalogue DIN A5 - all infrared ambient and power heater incl. references from all over the world

An overview of all HEATSCOPE Vision and Spot infrared heater incl. many reference projects from all over the world as well as all relevant technical data according to recommended installation situations, installation heights and environment conditions etc. you will find in our new, compact HEATSCOPE catalogue.

HEATSCOPE Vision and Spot specified dimensions

HEATSCOPE VISION Ambiente Infrarot-Heizstrahler Cut-Sheet Massangaben Aussenmasse

HEATSCOPE Vision ambient infrared heating systems specified dimensions data sheet


HEATSCOPE Spot power heating systems specified dimensions data sheet

HEATSCOPE operating instructions

HEATSCOPE Manual / Bedienungsanleitung Deutsch-Englisch Infrarot Ambiente-Heizstrahler Vision und Spot

How are HEATSCOPE Vision and HEATSCOPE Spot infrared heaters installed and controlled? These operating instructions contain everything you need to know to operate your HEATSCOPE Vision heaters.

Technical data sheets of HEATSCOPE infrared heaters

HEATSCOPE Spot power heater Technical Data Sheet MHS Munich Home Systems GmbH

This data sheet contains the most important technical information and data about HEATSCOPE Spot power heaters.

HEATSCOPE Vision ambient heater Technical Data Sheet MHS Munich Home Systems GmbH

This data sheet contains all relevant technical information and data about HEATSCOPE Vision ambient heaters.

HEATSCOPE Zero dark heater Technical Data Sheet MHS Munich Home Systems GmbH

This data sheet contains the technical information and data for HEATSCOPE Zero dark heaters.

Coverage areas of all HEATSCOPE infrared heater types

HEATSCOPE Coverage areas Spot power heaters, Vision ambient heaters and Zero dark heaters

To download the coverage areas of the individual heater groups (HEATSCOPE Spot, HEATSCOPE Vision and HEATSCOPE Zero), click here.

If you are unsure which heater model will be right for you, get in touch with us. We will gladly provide advice to help you with your particular project.

All minimum mounting distances for HEATSCOPE infrared radiant heaters

HEATSCOPE distances Spot power heater, Vision ambient heater and Zero dark heater

HEATSCOPE infrared heaters deliver a comfortable ambience, but they also develop very high temperatures. To keep them away from flammable objects or materials, certain minimum distances on all sides must be observed during installation.

Our graphics show how the minimum distances that must be observed above, on the sides and below our infrared heaters.

If you are unsure, please contact us about these minimum distances before you install your heater(s). We’ll gladly be of service.

Information about the effective and efficient use of infrared radiant heaters.

HEATSCOPE Presentation 3 Facts about Infrared Heating Technologies

There are many rumours and “facts” about infrared radiation being spread through the Internet and other channels. Here we want to provide you with the most important things you need to know about infrared radiation and where it makes sense to use it:

  • How does infrared radiation work?
  • What types of infrared radiation are there?
  • Why do red-light and infrared radiation have very little in common?
  • What points must be observed when planning and installing an infrared heating system?

You can get answers to these and more questions with a few mouse clicks. They form the basis for all further considerations and planning activities when you consider a HEATSCOPE infrared heating system.

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