Areas of application for the radiant heaters
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Conservatories + Greenhouses

For use in conservatories + greenhouses we recommend:

VISION ambient heaters

Perfect styles in conservatories – of course with NEXTREMA® glass front from SCHOTT. Can be integrated into smart control systems (KNX, somfy, Elsner or the like) or with separate remote control.

PURE design heaters

Provide even nicer heat! And, are super effective. With external control system or integration into somfy, KNX, Elsner or other smart (actuator) control systems.

Terrace, balcony & garden

For use on terraces, balconies and in the garden we recommend:

SPOT power heaters

With open fin screen for all (half) open and exposed locations. A real small powerhouse for your balconies and terraces but also for events and the catering sector.

VISION ambient heaters

With their SCHOTT NEXTREMA® glass front, the VISION models are not only suitable for conservatories and greenhouses but also for wind protected and covered areas.

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Major events & get-togethers

For use at major events and get-togethers we recommend:

SPOT power heaters

Major events and get-togethers require quick, powerful heat sources: like the SPOT power heaters. Meanwhile, they are looking spectacular in more than ten tents at the Oktoberfest – and are controlled centrally there.

VISION ambient heaters

VISION ambient heaters are also being used more and more at events – there, in well wind protected areas. With their barely visible light and the pleasant infrared radiation the perfect heat source.

Hotels, restaurants, cafés & the catering sector

For use in hotels, restaurants, cafés & the catering sector we recommend:

SPOT power heaters

Powerful thermal output in seconds – with simultaneously significantly reduced red light. This combination makes SPOT power heaters so popular in the catering sector. Consequently, they are at home on all restaurant terraces, in beer gardens and pavement cafés.

VISION ambient heaters

The VISION ambient heaters are the best choice for an extraordinary atmosphere on shielded, wind protected restaurant terraces. They are not even noticeable thanks to their barely visible light and

discreet design – but their performance is extraordinary.

Pergolas & terrace roofs

For use under pergolas we recommend:

PURE design heaters

The temperature under a pergola in the summer is pleasantly cool. And in the winter? PURE design heaters provide for the required heat radiation. Thanks to their IP65 protection, the PURE infrared heaters can be installed here without any additional weather protection.

VISION ambient heaters

Longer VISION models are best suitable for larger pergolas. These cover the largest possible heatable area in the portfolio. Can be fully integrated into the pergola control system or with a separate IR remote control unit, these infrared heaters are the best choice for the winter.

Wellness, bathrooms, saunas, spas & pools