Planning guide HEATSCOPE®

Decision aid: Wgich heater is the best for me?

The most important question about installation, environment + place


Where do you want to use your HEATSCOPE®?

Closed area / indoor

  • No wind at all
  • e.g. Conservatory / Summergarden
  • recommended heater types: VISION / PURE / SPOT
  • Need calculation: approx. 200W/m2


Sheltered outdoor area

  • No or only moderate wind influence, temperatures > 10-12°C
  • e.g. covered terrace, 2-3 sides closed
  • recommended heater types: SPOT / PURE / VISION
  • Need calculation: approx. 300W/m2


Open/exposed outdoor area

  • Susceptible to wind
  • e.g. covered terrace, sides open
  • recommended heater type: SPOT
  • Need calculation: approx. 400W/m2

2. WHAT?

Kind of installation (wall or ceiling)?
Mounting height?

Wall installation:
Optimum height: 2.10–2.30m

Ceiling installation:
Optimum height: up to 2.50m
(outdoor) or 3.00m (indoor)

SPOT : min.: 1.80m, max.: 3.00m
VISION : min.: 1.80m, max.: 2.50m
PURE : min.: 1.80m, max.: 2.50m

How do you want to operate your HEATSCOPE®?

  • with the Heatscope IR-remote control or
  • with any external remote system (e.g. home automation, somfy, etc.)?


The VISION and SPOT can be used in combination with any external system (Basis-Version) or alternatively provide and integrated remote control (Plus-Version).

The PURE can also be operated through any external system. Furthermore it can be operated with the IR-remote control in combination with the optional HEATSCOPE® SmartBox.

3. HOW?

define the size of the area, probably you don’t need to cover the whole area but only the space where a table/lounge furniture is positioned.

Minimum distances:
with the delivery of your HEATSCOPE® you receive the manual with all technical information incl. the required minimum distances (to the mounting surface/ceiling as well as distance between the brackets). You can find all data on the

Weather shield:
in case your HEATSCOPE® is installed in a non-covered space and frequent rain/snow from above can be an issue, the device has to be covered with the weather shield from our portfolio

4. ETC.

We recommend a separately fused power supply of 16A for every device. In case of any question or doubt, please provide the technical data to your electrician.

In case you plan to install your HEATSCOPE® on a high ceiling (> 2,50m), we provide within our portfolio extensions to bring down the device to a suitable height

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