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HEATSCOPE Spot power heater at festival tent Marstall on the Oktoberfest, Munich

Precise warmth, wherever you need it - with HEATSCOPE

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HEATSCOPE infrared heaters produce cozy warmth exactly where it is needed – on partially open terraces as well as balconies and beneath awnings. In this way, the months you can spend outdoors enjoying in a relaxed manner are extended by valuable hours, days and even weeks.

It is often the case that you simply do not want to end a beautiful evening on the terrace or balcony just because the temperatures are falling. With the help of HEATSCOPE heaters, this is no longer a problem.

Shortly after switching on, the HEATSCOPE infrared heaters radiate a cozy warmth that you can feel immediately and that makes you forget the time, even if the temperatures outdoors are falling. Simply switch on – and feel the cozy warmth the after only 15 seconds, which is only possible with the HEATSCOPE heaters.

We recommend for the usage on partially open terraces and areas:

Power Heater

Advantages of HEATSCOPE® SPOT Power-Heater for partially open terraces + areas

  • litte light: max. 600 lumen – conventional infrared heaters produce a minimum of 2000 lumen
  • quick noticeable heat: 100% efficiency/ performance only 15 seconds after switching it on
  • perfect performance: an open protective fin front screen – for warmth within seconds, even with wind!
  • various colours + lengths, enlarged heating corridor for the best thermal output in (almost) every area
  • integrable in every home system (e.g. comfy, Elsner, KNX etc. – sufficient performance / efficiency of the actuator necessary)
  • or alternatively with its own remote control ( with DEVIreg Smart Thermostat concurrent/conform to the EU 2015/1188 Ökodesign-Richtlinie 2009/125/EG)
  • equipment for the assembly on walls and ceilings always included

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HEATSCOPE Spot power heater, pergola installation at lake Geneve, Switzerland

Effects of the SPOT Power Heater

The HEATSCOPE SPOT power heaters are available with a black or white protective fin front screen.

Compared to conventional heaters, our power heaters produce 60-70% less light (only 600 Lumen compared to min. 2000 Lumen), which creates a more pleasant atmosphere.

The power heaters reach their highest temperature just within a few seconds – which is immediately noticeable.

The heaters work with hyper fast infrared medium waves (IR fast medium wave) and were specifically developed for heating more wind-sensitive areas, such as in partially open terraces, semi-protected balconies and areas.

The warmth the SPOT infrared heater produces is noticeable within 15 seconds after switching it on.

Everyone that is within the heating radius will notice the cozy warmth immediately.

The heaters can easily be switched on and off with its own remote control or integrated in a home system (e.g. Elsner, KNX or somfy). Additionally, there are two heat tiers (50% + 100%), in case it should get too warm eventually.

ATTENTION: HEATSCOPE SPOT power infrared heater are can be used in (almost) every environment. But even SPOT heaters cannot change winter into summer.

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