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HEATSCOPE VISION, Heizstrahler-Installation im Godiva Café, Istanbul

ambience heaters

with SCHOTT NEXTREMA® glass front    |   for protected indoor and outdoor areas    |   externally or with remote control controllable

HEATSCOPE ambience heater VISION are characterised by their low, slightly orange ambience light. The light is minimised by the SCHOTT NEXTREMA glass front. The VISION infrared heaters are especially suitable for semi-open terraces, loggias and winter gardens or green houses – everywhere quick warmth is needed.

You can find all performance details of the individual HEATSCOPE VISION ambience heaters next to the respective heater size.   With the heat, cold and weather resistent glass front by SCHOTT NEXTREMA with ideal convex curvature – made in Germany.

All HEATSCOPE® VISION models + specifications:


Performance: 1600 W / 6,96 A Measurements (LxWxH): 810 x 184 x 87mm Weight: 6,0 k

White 1600
Plus model*: MHS- VT1600WT.100

AllBlack 1600
Plus model*: MHS- VT1600AB.100

Titan-Black 1600 (discontinued model)
Basic model: MHS-VE1600BK.100
Plus model*: MHS- VT1600BK.100


Performance: 2200 W / 9,57 A
Measurements (LxWxH): 1160 x 184 x 87mm
Weight: 8,0 kg

White 2200
Basic model: MHS-VE2200WT.100
Plus model*: MHS- VT2200WT.100

AllBlack 2200
Basic model: MHS-VE2200AB.100
Plus model*: MHS- VT2200AB.100

Titan-Black 2200 (discontinued model)
Basic model: MHS-VE2200BK.100
Plus model*: MHS- VT2200BK.100


Performance: 3200 W / 13,91 A
Measurements (LxWxH): 1660 x 184 x 87mm
Weight: 11,0 kg

White 3200
Basic model: MHS-VE3200WT.100
Plus model*: MHS- VT3200WT.100

AllBlack 3200
Basic model: MHS-VE3200AB.100
Plus model*: MHS- VT3200AB.100

Titan-Black 3200 (discontinued model) 
Basic model: MHS-VE3200BK.100
Plus model*: MHS- VT3200BK.100

Equipment basic / plus models

basic: external remote, integrable in home systems e.g. comfy, KNX, Elsner etc.

plus models include own infrared remote control and hand radio transmitter ATTENTION: IR remote control are NOT retrofittable since they are two completely different radiant heater types.

Installation accessories included

mounting equipment assembled: max. height 120mm (incl. mounting bracket)

Installation requirements

Can be combined with the design stand solution HEATSCOPE FREE.

Specifications HEATSCOPE® VISION

  • white or black tinted glass front (SCHOTT NEXTREMA)
  • white, titan or black coated aluminium body
  • energy efficient double-carbon-heating elements with satin surface
  • patented reflector-heating-system with ventilated back
  • Basic version: ON/OFF switch + two manually controllable heat tiers (100% + 50%)
  • Plus version: ON/OFF switch + two via IR control remote controllable heat tiers (100% + 50%)
  • incl. all equipment for wall or ceiling installations

Performance characteristics ambience heater:

  • performance: 1600 W, 2200 W, 3200 W
  • visible light: < 300 Lumen
  • radiant efficiency: ≥ 90%
  • max. performance in < 30-60 seconds
  • protection class: IP44

All basic models (VISION VE-Series) combined with a DEVIreg Smart Thermostat meet all requirements of the EU regulations 2015/1188 of the eco design directive 2009/125/EG)

Please include the following points in your plans: Please note that the best performance depends on several factors. Including:

  • environment (indoors or outdoors, closed or open, wind sensitive or protected)
  • height of installation (1,80-2,50m)
  • beam angel
  • wind and weather influences
  • voltage fluctuations

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