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for conservatories & greenhouses, for well protected & open terraces as well as for the catering sector & wellness

The areas of application for the HEATSCOPE® infrared heaters are extremely diverse because: they were developed for application in a wide range of different, temporarily used rooms and outdoor areas. At the same time, the areas of application range from heating closed rooms such as conservatories and greenhouses to the classic balcony, porch or terrace heating including the use of the infrared radiant heaters in spas and wellness areas or in beer gardens, marquees and outdoor areas at hotels and for the catering sector.

In any case, the questions on the right should be clarified prior to installation in one of the areas of application for the HEATSCOPE® infrared heater, to determine the best possible heating solution for the desired area.

1. How susceptible to wind is the area intended to be heated?

  • Is it extremely wind protected or not at all susceptible to wind, such as a conservatory e.g.?
  • Is it a well protected outdoor area such as a private terrace closed off on one side?
  • Or is the space exposed to a great deal of wind?
  • Such as an open porch or area for outdoor catering?

2. What overall space is to be heated?

  • Is it “merely” a private installation with a few square metres?
  • Is it intended to heat an entire greenhouse as much as possible?
  • Or is the issue providing a large beer garden with heat?

3. At what height should/can the infrared heater be installed?

  • Is it possible, to install the radiant heater directly over the space to be heated?
  • How low can the radiant heater be hung?
  • Is a wall mounted or ceiling mounted installation intended?

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You can find a brief summary of the most important areas of application and use for the HEATSCOPE® infrared heaters on the pages linked below or via the menu. At the same time, the recommendations are based on experiences, which have proven to be efficient and useful in the last few years.

Of course you can also install the infrared heaters in other places; we are more than happy to advise you on implementing a specific project. Please take the following into consideration, when planning your project:

The HEATSCOPE® radiant heaters must be installed at a minimum installation height of 1.80 m and at a maximum height of 3.00 m (installation height: dependent on the respective model and type).

The mounting surface must be made of non-combustible materials; in event that the mounting surface consists of flammable materials, e.g. wooden beams or the like, a minimum distance of 17 cm must be observed. This can be achieved using the respectively enclosed mounting accessories.

The minimum distance to possible surrounding flammable materials, e.g. awnings or curtains, cannot fall below 20-30 cm (also cf. the specifications in the “Technical Information” section).

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