HEATSCOPE® Partners + Cooperations

The success story of the HEATSCOPE® infrared heaters would not be what it is today without reliable partners. Only through continuous cooperation on equal footing and an exchange of know-how and competencies is it possible, to continue designing, developing and manufacturing technical products in Germany. Therefore, we owe our special thanks to our following partners:

BF Consulting GmbH
Wallensteinstraße 7
82538 Geretsried

Telephone: +49 8171 3447-51
Fax: +49 8171 3447-71
Email: info@bf-consult.de
Internet: www.bf-consult.de

We have found a partner with BF, which understands our requirements to a tee and implements them quickly and effectively with (design) technical know-how.

The BF-Consulting GmbH has extensive knowledge and long-time experience in lighting technology, in the realisation of radiation systems as well as lighting systems. Not too far from the development and design of radiant heaters, even if in another segment.

In its present constellation, the BF-Consulting team has implemented more than 300 projects worldwide in the area of solar simulation and high-speed lighting in the past 20 years.

All development and design work in the lighting, mechanical, electrical and control system area are executed by BF-Consulting in-house and comply with the highest Germany engineer standards.

SCHOTT AG – Home Tech
Hattenbergstrasse 10
55122 Mainz

Tel.: +49 6131 66-25431
Fax: +49 3641 28889162
Internet: www.schott.com/nextrema/german/

There has also been a partnership with SCHOTT® for several years. In order to reduce the already low light output of the ambient heaters even more significantly, we were searching for an industrial ceramic glass, which would be able to achieve that but at the same time, achieve the highest radiant transmission. That is how we came upon the NEXTREMA® glasses from SCHOTT®. And, we have been using them successfully every since. The partnership with SCHOTT® is also a long-time one, which combines the best of both companies and yields products, which offer the maximum, which is momentarily technically possible but at the same time, takes up current design trends and implements these.

SOLARLUX Aluminium Systeme GmbH
Gewerbepark 9-11
49143 Bissendorf

Tel: +49 5402 400-0
Fax: +49 5402 400-200
E-Mail: info@solarlux.de
Internet: www.solarlux.de

The cooperation with Solarlux has existed for several years. In search of a partner in the premium segment Conservatories and Greenhouses, we started discussions with our colleagues in Bissendorf in 2012 – and quickly reached an agreement for a deeper partnership. This partnership combines the competencies of both areas perfectly and in doing so, can offer customers exclusive conservatories and greenhouses with innovative, beautiful high-end heating solutions.

IG Infrarot Deutschland e.V.
IG Infrarot Deutschland e.V.
Alpengartenweg 2 | 87459 Pfronten | Deutschland

Tel.: +49 8363 9298390
E-Mail: info@ig-infrarot.de
Internet: www.ig-infrarot.de

The objective of the IG Infrarot is to establish “heat with infrared” as an acknowledged standard heating solution for buildings. Preferably, the electricity required for this, is to be produced from renewable energy sources. With the progressing energy revolution, this becomes more and more accommodating.

Energy production and distribution as well as heat output in buildings are to become an integral part of holistic building concepts, as can already be seen today in particularly innovative projects.

MADMEN Onlinemarketing
Inh. Michael Landl
Königsdorfer Str. 25
D-82515 Wolfratshausen

Tel.: +49 8171 81892-0
Fax: +49 8171 81892-10
E-Mail: info@madmen-onlinemarketing.de
Internet: www.madmen-onlinemarketing.de

Not only for the “Hardware” of infrared heater we need the best partners for our high purposes – especially the requirements of the online business with SEO, SEA, onpage and offpage optimisation, Google & Co. are getting more and more important every single day.

For this you need a special team with special knowledge. And we are happy to have such a team: Madmen-Onlinemarketing. Since 2013 Michael Landl and his crew are our first responders for all questions round about websites, online marketing, SEO, SEA and the players in the Silicon Valley.

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