HEATSCOPE® dealing partners

All certified infrared heater dealers

in Germany, Europe and worldwide

You can recognise respectable online HEATSCOPE® partners by various attributes:

  1. Solely our image data and logos are used, which you can also find on our website. We do not directly supply online shops without our image data.
  2. Online partners have a HEATSCOPE® certificate – like those listed in the dealer directory.

If you are uncertain whether or not your chosen HEATSCOPE® dealer is one of our certified partners, please call us at +49 8104 647090 for further information.

Only buy from certified HEATSCOPE® partners! You can recognise them by the certification seal with an individual code (refer to the right side).

HEATSCOPE certified service partner, Moonich, Sauerlach


HEATSCOPE Online Shop Germany

HEATSCOPE Shop of Labamo GmbH

Infrared radiant heaters for Germany

RF design GmbH – WohnWaerme

Aqua-Saar GmbH, Lifestyle for House & Garden

Grillstar Online Shop



Exclusive infrared sales company for Austria: Elektrotechnik Nothegger GmbH (Redwell Salzburg-Tyrol)

easyTherm GmbH.
Smart heating with infrared

Sonne Rundum GmbH for Switzerland

Madlener GmbH for Austria

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Please enter your complete postal code or address as well as the desired radius, in which the search is to be made. Then, click the red button “Find Locations”.

On the map, you will see all HEATSCOPE® dealers in your region in Germany, Europe and the world. Click on one of the pins, to have the dealer addresses shown to you. Alternatively, you can also call these up after your search entries at the bottom of the page.

Not all dealers have every model of HEATSCOPE® heaters in all colours in the actual shop in their display / in their showroom or in stock. Please find out the availability of the desired devices by calling your local dealer in advance.